Keke Palmer Slams Former Mentor R. Kelly

Keke Palmer has slammed her former mentor, R. Kelly during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

R. Kelly

The beautiful singer and songwriter in an interview with the show’s host Andy Cohen recalled watching Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly.

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She said “The whole thing was eye-opening, painful, sad, disappointing and heartbreaking.”

Keke Palmer

When asked if she was surprised, she said; “Yes, because that’s not the side I knew, That’s not the person that I worked with. That’s not the experience I had. So, just imagine if you’re having a great experience with someone and then you’re hearing all this stuff it’s like, ‘Why didn’t you show them what you showed me?’ That’s the feeling I had. I hated talking about it because I felt like, man, you were a friend to me but then I’m seeing you as a foe to others and I’m hurt for them, how do I feel about it? How do I put myself in this position now? It was very sad. I think that anybody that loved him as a person probably feels that way. That’s not something you want to hear about somebody that you cared for. ”

In 2017 Keke Palmer told Billboard;

I spent a lot of time working with R. Kelly, and one thing that he told me, he was like, Keke, you don’t need to shy away from your acting. You bring that to a part of your music. You make that take your music to the next level.”


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