Lady reveals how she almost destroyed her marriage because she felt too pretty

A twitter lady identified as Michelle Lima has revealed how she almost destroyed her marriage because she felt too pretty.

The beautiful South African lady whose twitter handle is @Michelle_expert took to the micro blogging site and wrote

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I started enjoying my marriage when I admitted that I had toxic traits that needed to be worked on and stopped making excuses.
I set up my mind to making it work and Husband reciprocated the same energy. It’s never been the same since then ♥️.One day I will tell you guys how I got into marriage thinking that man’s has to worship me because am pretty. I had huge pretty girl problems . Threw tantrums when I didn’t get my way. Never wanted to compromise, never listened. I took the whole “I’m the prize” thing too far…I never put in any work in the marriage. I wanted everything handed to me cos am cute. Thank God that he’s blessed me with a patient man who through it all had my best interest in heart and fought for us when I was Wilding out ♥️. He’s my Angel and I am greatful for him.I had been in relationships where I was worshiped so much that I started idolizing myself. If a man didn’t idolize me, I would leave. Never allowed people to be human around me. Yhu guys I come from far 💔. I’m grateful that I’ve been delivered from that. Idolatry as it’s best.And Alot of young women suffer from this. Especially the ones who’ve always been pretty and praised by everyone. That gets to your head and at some point you start thinking that’s the best you got. Admitting this was very painful cause I thought everyone was the problem. It was hard and depressed me. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was EVERYTHING & PERFECT & any man would be lucky to have me breath next to him. But I had to do more than that. I believe that you will get the best out of any relationship if you can just focus on yourself. Love yourself first. Love yourself enough to want to become better for you and your partner. It’s starts with you. And it won’t happen over night. It takes time but you must want to.


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