Lady reveals what she said when her ex boyfriend asked her out again

A twitter user whose twitter handle is @Mo_BewaA has taken to the micro blogging site to narrate what she did when her ex-boyfriend asked her out again.

The lady revealed that her boyfriend boyfriend broke up with her because she wasn’t asking him for money.

She wrote

For many yrs ,I endured my “boyfriend” at the time calling me a MAN…saying “u never ask for money,ya always paying for stuffs,I can’t marry a woman like u🤷🏽‍♀️…it hurt me o but dude didn’t know I came across a message sent by his mom one time …she was talking bout how he Needs to send money home for their rent ,his sisters school fees n other things …clearly ! Bobo was the breadwinner of the family …which was why i made a conscious decision not to be another bill he’s trynna sort! If anything ,I can take care of me n ease him of d stress Baba broke up that year o! Simply because I don’t allow him spend on me…it’s been yrs n uncle just hopped into my DM again n I told him d reason/s why I was like that then …he was like “it took me years to find out that a girl like u is rare”…I want u back I just went like hold it o…ma lo whine me…Gbagbe bo shey shele …I will collect money o,Shebi you don’t like ladies that act like MEN,uncle I am a woman n I’d like to b pampered n spoilt …as u don’t hv sense to know that some of us don’t want to stress u. Until I’m married to u,I ain’t your responsibility,don’t get it wrong ,I’d appreciate gifts n whatever you decide to do for me out of love !But I’d never compel a boyfriend into paying my bills,even in marriage gan,ll still pay “our” bills,no vex! My mother raised me differently


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