Lady told to “protect the family image” after she was raped by her cousin.

A twitter user identified as @Queen_Minic has taken to the micro blogging site to narrate how her cousin drugged and raped her at the age of 17.

In a lengthy post on twitter, she revealed that her cousin whose father is an Anglican priest is a drug peddler.

See what she posted below

I woke up today with a watsapp chat from an unknown number

‘How are you ‘….was the only thing I saw when I opened the chat.
A quick click on the profile picture showed the face of the man who raped me when I was 17.

I was in Lagos
In my cousins house
I came for holiday
I could vividly remember, few weeks after realizing I failed my second JAMB examination.

She called and told me to come over to her place . According to her , her husband will help me with something doing till it’s time to write another Jamb .
On arriving , I noticed strange face .

A face I have never seen before

He was definitely not family so a quick introduction was done immediately and we all became good .
Days goes into weeks and weeks into months and I was still not working . I was always at home with the strange face man. Trust was finally built and he opened up what he does for a living to me .
He was into drugs ; cocaine like y’all will call it .
Yes for the first time in my life , I saw and felt it . Felt somehow though .He trusted me and according to him , I was more matured than my age. Few weeks later , my cousin gave birth through CS .
Strange face travelled to Ozubulu his home town too. Another cousin of mine came , her immediate younger brother. I was always at home with my second cousin . During our course of staying together , I noticed something He was always on phone with the strange face and always in his room . I later picked interest and decided to spy on him. He was his delivery boy. Then comes that day
It was just the two of us at home as usual . My cousin was in the hospital with his hubby and the new baby I prepared dinner for two, Served him And as usual, took my bath and slept off in the sitting room. On waking up, I was wet
Nah, it’s definitely not my period or even ovulation.
It was all over me
My night gown was damn gummy.Then my vagina

I wasn’t a virgin . Had my first sex immediately I clocked 17 so I already know what it feels for a penis to penetrate inside my vagina .

He was there looking at me .
I was confuse

Confuse why I didn’t even move my body or realized what was happening to me. Confuse why I am that wet
Confuse why a male smelly sperm was all over me .

‘Did you do anything to me ‘….I asked

‘Anything like what ‘….he replied

‘Never mind ‘….I said and went straight to the bathroom .

Entering inside the room, I noticed some whitish stuff On my face around my nose

Yes , your guess was as good as mine .

I inhaled cocaine
I don’t know how it happened but it was all over me . All over my face .

I started crying

“What did you do to me ‘….I asked again and this time around with tears rolling He stood up immediately and threatened that if I ask him any stupid question again that he was gonna slap me .
I felt numb
I was confuse
I didn’t know what to do or who to call

I called my mum and texted my cousin

He denied and threatened me with a proof of rape There was none

I already washed my cloth , the one that has his sperm.

I couldn’t even explain how it happened

The only thing I was busy saying was that I woke up with his sperm and cocaine all over me .

I was told to protect the family’s image and keep mute Did i ?


But I left my cousins place to my parents .
Mum took me to the hospital and gave me all the medication needed .

The case died down
I protected the family’s image and the strange face illegal business. So while some of you were raped by strangers , I was raped by my blood

My cousin was actually the first person that made me have the experience (he wasn’t the only

Do you know the strange part of the whole thing?, his father of blessed memory was an Anglican priest .


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