Nigerians Blast Rosy Meurer Over Her Outfit Choice To Igbere TV Awards

Nigerians have taken to social media to blast and drag nollywood actress Rosy Meurer over her choice of outfit to Igbere TV Awards. The Lead Actress in Nollywood blockbuster, ‘Merry Men: Yoruba Demons posted a picture of herself wearing a green “pantless” dress while holding an award she won at the ceremony.

Some Nigerians who weren’t having it took to social media to tongue lash the light skinned beauty. See some of their comments below.

Okuwe Richard Chukwunonso: Her body worked hard for the award. More advert lady I hope you find customers.

Oluchi Okanumee: Nawaaaaa oooo, this cloth is just inviting demon, and when it comes don’t run.

Chinnybliss Chukwu: This girl no carry her body dey do anything again. Just look at what she’s wearing.

Osita Anyanwu: I see we are heading to a generation were been naked is the order of the day. Old woman like this half naked on stage.

rosy meurer rosy meurer rosy meurer

The event organized which was organised by Igbere TV and was held at the Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Abuja, on Thursday November 28 saw Rosy Meurer being named the Best Actress of the Year (2019).

See a picture of her outfit below

rosy meurer


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