Twitter deletes Iranian-backed accounts and others from its server

Social media giant twitter has removed close to 4,800 accounts it claims was being used by Iran to spread wrong information.


In a blog posted by Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity he said the 4,800 accounts were not a unified block.

Mr Roth revealed that 1,666 accounts cumulatively sent over two million tweets in an effort to spread views backing Iran’s policies and actions.

A smaller set, 248 in total, did similar work but were specifically aimed at skewing discussions about Israel.

2,865, used “false personas” to steer conversations about social issues in Iran and elsewhere.

130 accounts set up by supporters of Catalonian independence, 33 that were run by a “commercial entity in Venezuela and four Russian accounts used by the notorious Internet Research Agency (IRA) were also deleted.

“We believe that people and organisations with the advantages of institutional power and which consciously abuse our service are not advancing healthy discourse but are actively working to undermine it.”

Wrote Mr Roth.

All the accounts were deleted in May


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