Twitter user writes heartfelt message to his dad on Father’s Day, shares pictures of his dad

A verified twitter user simply identified as “thepamilerin” on twitter has written a heart-touching message to his dad on Father’s Day. In the message, he stated that there will be no Pamilerin without his dad, that he is the man he is today because of his dad. See the message below

Fathers Day Letter to my Dad, MR Taiwo Adegoke 😂 Growing up in your parents house has to be one of my most cherish moments. Uncle Taiwo, now that I am miles away from you, I am missing you. I miss talking to you, sitting in front of you. Every moment of my life, remind me of you! My job, my skill, my knowledge is all because of you. When people praise me for my work, for being caring and nice, I may not say out loud, but I know in my heart, that praise is because of you.Pamilerin was able to be Pamilerin because of you Dad. I know I have embarrassed you many times, I was stubborn growing up, I have made you sad many times growing up, I have not met your expectations many times. But you were still there with me. In my hardest time, whenever I felt weak, I knew you were there holding my hand, telling me to be strong. You aren’t overly expressive…but your actions speak for you…thank you so much dad, I never took those moments for granted.I hope one day to be even half or even a quarter of the Father you’ve been to me. I hope that when my kids need something, I’m there for them as you have been for me and my sibling. I hope that when my kids have questions, that I’m there for them as you have been for me.I hope that when they are going through good times or bad that I’m there for them, just as you have always been there for me.
To be honest, I crave to have those days back, where I know I will see you every morning, especially on Sunday’s. Having family dinner together. And Family lunches every Sunday. I have 1 million and 1 things I want to write, but all I will say is, thank you for being the best dad. Happy Father’s Day.

He also shared the pictures of his dad



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